Friday, 7 September 2012

Walk with the Tiger

Just finished the draft of the first book in the Jack Harrigan series. Now for the editing! Not so much fun, but at least I have my daughter Charmaine to help. 

It has taken nearly three years to get my manuscript to this stage, although I do also have three unfinished scripts. Initially they were all going to be just part of the one book, but there is so much in Jack's life that it just would not work. 

Inspiration has come from my family and authors that I have enjoyed over the years. Although I don't copy their styles, reading many different thrillers, mysteries and memoirs  has helped me pick up the basic format of storytelling. There have been many hurdles putting this together, not least of all being dislexic and an atrocious speller. 

I started writing my novel for fun, just to give me a break from my busy world of business and marketing. This was just my creative outlet, but as the novel started to take shape and actually make sense, I realised I might actually be able to do this. Me. Write a novel. Now I've typed 'The End', and it's incredibly rewarding.

Some off my friends see this book as an autobiography, and it may have started out that way - but believe me, if I had an affair with a beautiful Russian spy it wouldn't have been kept a secret all these years. I would have put an add in the paper.

Matthew Reilly's series has been an entertaining read, but also a good way for me to learn the importance of quick pace for thrillers.

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  1. Well done! It's very exciting when you get to the end!