Sunday, 30 September 2012

2nd book

My daughter Charmaine is doing what we hope is the final edit of 'Walk with the Tiger', but I know we have a way to go yet.
My 2nd book in the Jack Harrigan series is up to 25000 words and comming along nicely. Well know author Allison Goodwin advised me that books should contain an inciting incident and the character should undergo change. Jack's incident comes about when he is enlisted into a high security task force of commbined military forces. In his first assignment he comes up against the Sydney mobster family that he crossed in the first book but the main antogonist is a shadowy figour who always seems to be one step ahead of Jack.
I'm not sure what change it is that Jackn will undergo but I have a feeling he might turn to the dark side.

A lighter moment with Rooster


  1. Beer and guns - what a great combination!

  2. Classic Cars, Beer and Guns!

  3. Hi Paul
    Our stories take on many obstacles but beer and guns may spell danger. Nice to meet you. How cool for Charmaine to have a father who writes. My mother writes as well.