Monday, 17 September 2012

Edits - do they ever end?

Working on revisions on the book (Walk with the Tiger)... again. Yep, tricked myself into thinking it must be almost ready, and then I reread it. More changes needed.

Today I changed the second chapter to give it more punch and not just figouritivly speaking. Originally, my main character had a big night out, followed by a day at the footy hungover, before stepping into a fight. Now I'm opening with the arms swinging.

Also bought a Doberman into the mix, see Jack does have a soft side (might have something to do with half a bottle of Chivas I put away Sunday night, I was probably worried about Jack getting lonely).

As for the other passion that rules my world? Recently found a replacement for a grill tooth on my Desoto, good work indeed they are hard to come by. Got a bit creative lately and added a spare wheel to the back of my girl:

Photo of continetal spare wheel

Had an encouraging email from my American distributor for my son Luke's sign business, fingers are crossed on that one. A lot of businesses sit tight in a poor economy, just trying to keep their head above water and wait it out. But, actually this is a good time to be keeping an eye out for opportunities. Don't just survive, reach for your potential.

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  1. Most people see pink elephants after a night on the good stuff, you conjure up a canine buddy for your book's main character. Very thoughtful of you, also very dedicated of you to research the feeling of a hang over to make Jack's scenes more real.