Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Acting up

My acting career is taking off, 4 days on "Secrets and lies" and except for one freezing night dressed in summer attire it has been a hoot.
Haven't done much writing lately since I finished  "When the tiger hunts" and still waiting on my first book 'Walk with the tiger" to be edited.
 My son Luke and I are looking to do some event management maybe an Indy writers festival. We have a  suitable venue available on the north side of Brisbane at our disposal.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Today I did a screen test for and actors agency, the part was Al Pacino's portrayal in "the Devil's Advocate".
Where he was explaining about one Eddie Barzoon and the slant Lawyers had on life.
"We've got a runaway train boy. We've got a billion Eddie Barzoon's all jogging into the future.
 Every one of them reading to fist f----k God's ex planet, lick their fingers clean  as they reach out with their pristine cybernetic keyboards  to total up their billable hours".
There was a lot more to the scene but that part really got to me, thank god I was given that script. If it was the English patient I may have fallen asleep. Any way I nailed it, the agency have me two auditions.
It maybe a little late in the game but perhaps a star is born.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Life after the book

Now that "When the tiger hunts" draft is finished I need help in editing both books.
the Metal sign factory has been slow but picking up, who knows I may even be able to draw a wage soon.
To keep me occupied I walk 5 klms every morning, 4 day a week at the gym and joined a Aikido martial arts class. Did I mention the 100 WW11 model aeroplanes I've made.
But I'm looking to do some acting and extras work.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Now that the festivities are over I can get back to 'When the Tiger Hunts' (working title)
Jack's task force go to North Qld to close down a PLO training camp only to be captured them selves.
Jack is tortured by his old enemy Becker who want's to know who the mole is. Jack finds out that it was a Melbourne Mafia mobster who murdered on of his colleagues and he proceeds to extract his own justice.
Some extremely good news, a well known artist in USA is interested in doing the cover for this book his work includes a "hard boiled" theme featuring 50's and 60's American classic cars, truly magnificent stuff. I will pass his details once I have his approval to do so. One of his prints now proudly displayed in my little house on the bay that I have just moved into.
A little tip for you writers out there we all hit the wall now and then and that's fine. Just keep jotting down your thoughts even if they don't make sense the plot will reveal itself when you least expect it.