Friday, 31 August 2012

To all the Desotos I've loved...

Look out ladies, a young Smithy about to go cruising.

Seven years ago I was feeling reminiscent and started looking for a classic car to buy. For weeks I searched the net, there were old Holdens, Fords and even Jaguars but nothing that made the grade. My very first car back in 1966 (cue in the flashback waves) was a 55 Desoto. That’s what I really wanted, something to take me back to my larrikin days. Then I struck the jack pot on Ebay... a 56 Desoto in Sydney! The owner “Joe” came to see me and I bought the car on the 6th of July sight unseen.

Whist romancing about the old days as a young man cruising through Kings Cross I dug up log book of the old Desoto and the purchase date was 6th July 1966, forty years to the day.

Well my 56 Desoto was delivered and I’m pleased to say, It was in excellent condition, a real head turner in candy apple red with a white roof. Not that I haven’t had problems, the brakes failed leaving me to handle 2 ton of steel through the Paddington hills, the gear box has been reconditioned recently and I’ve had the seats recovered in leather.

Had some vapour lock problems, but an electric fuel pump, set of extractors and a 350 Holley mounted on 3 emulsion blocks did the trick, not to mention producing 400lb of torque.

Yes, I have spent a fair amount of money on my indulgence but the enjoyment that I derive from cruising is more than worth the expense. It's not true what they say... you can go back!
And my new beast, sure to help me break a few more hearts.

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